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Below are a number of fact sheets on various aspects of the wild blueberry industry. Please note that Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view them. Click the Adobe image below to install Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it installed. Thank you.

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Septoria Leaf Spot and Stem Canker
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20/08/2013 02:07:26
Sheep Sorrel
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20/08/2013 02:07:28
Spreading Dogbane
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20/08/2013 02:07:31
St.John's Wort
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20/08/2013 02:07:34
T. Esau Improve Berry Yield & Quality Fact Sheet
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22/11/2017 15:05:18
Trailing Blackberry
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20/08/2013 02:07:37
Triaging Wild Blueberry Fields
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27/03/2018 14:03:35
Using and Applying Velpar and Pronone in Lowbush Blueberry Fields
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20/08/2013 02:07:45
Valdensinia Leaf Spot
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20/08/2013 02:07:43
Weeds of Lowbush Blueberry Fields
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20/08/2013 02:07:46
Whitemarked Tussock Moth
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20/08/2013 02:07:48
Wild Blueberries & Human Health: Current Evidence, 2020
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20/07/2020 14:43:44
Witches' Broom of Lowbush Blueberry
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20/08/2013 02:07:49
Yellow Loosestrife
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20/08/2013 02:07:51